Data Protection & Security

Our Principles

We only store data that is necessary for us to provide our service, and you can request deletion of your account and data at any time.

Pangolio does not track you outside of our service, and we never store your personal location when you use our apps.

Pangolio employs industry-standard data protection and security practices. Your data is stored on our servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Encrypted off-site backups in a separate datacentre ensure that no single points of failure exist.

No credit card information is stored by Pangolio, but is instead securely transmitted to and processed by Stripe.

All data is transferred via encrypted TLS.

We don't send spam, and we'll never share your contact details with 3rd parties.

What data is stored by Pangolio?

Pangolio stores the following:

  • The names and email addresses of organizers and attendees of your meetings.
  • Event titles, times and dates, attendees and organizers. We only sync meetings that occur in the future, unless you instruct us to retrospectively sync your data for the purpose of analytics.
  • Buildings, floors and floorplans that you create within Pangolio.
  • Your device (e.g. phone and tablet) settings, and Pangolio-specific IDs.
  • Auditing logs - for example, we create logs when you enable or disable certain features

What do you use my data for?

We only use your data to provide our workspace management services.

Your data is not for sale, and never will be.

How can I delete my data, or request a copy of my data?

Please send an email to We'll get back to you within one business day.